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DNI Innovation Fund Round 4 Opening

DNI Innovation Fund Round 4 Opening

jueves 14 de septiembre de 2017, 12:18h





Apertura de la Ronda 4 del Fondo de Innovación de la Iniciativa de Noticias Digitales (en cuya difusión colabora AEEPP) desde el 13 de septiembre hasta el próximo 12 de octubre.
Como sabes, El Fondo de Innovación es el compromiso de 150 millones de euros de Google en 3 años para despertar nuevas ideas y dar a las organizaciones de noticias europeas, de todos los tamaños, el espacio para probar cosas nuevas, experimentar e innovar en el espacio digital.

We are delighted to announce that Round 4 of the Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund will open from September 13th until October 12th, 23.59 CEST. The Innovation Fund is Google’s €150m commitment over 3 years to spark new thinking and give European news organisations of all sizes the space to try new things, experiment and innovate in the digital space.

Since the Fund launched in October 2015, we have offered €74 million to more than 350 projects from ambitious European newsrooms, individuals, traditional publishing houses, startups and academics in 29 countries.

Round 4 of the DNI Innovation Fund will be slightly different to previous rounds for Medium and Large track applicants. We have heard clearly from the ecosystem that monetisation one of the biggest challenges currently facing news publishers. For R4 we want to incentivise creative ideas that tackle the monetisation challenge and therefore we've made monetisation a mandatory theme for all Medium and Large projects.

This means an important change to the way the Medium and Large tracks will be assessed for Round 4. All ideas are welcome but we are requiring all Large/Medium projects to have a monetisation component and to provide explicit plans for monetisation with clear indicators showing the potential of the project to create economic value added for the business.

Please note that, while Large & Medium track applicants will require a detailed monetisation component, Prototype projects do not have this requirement and remain, as in previous rounds, all about innovation.

This time we’ll be also hosting a live online hangout with the DNI Fund Team on Tuesday Sep 26th at 3pm CEST where we’ll share learnings from the first 3 round of applications and explain what has changed for Round 4. We'll be livestreaming on our website here. If you have any questions for the team, please submit them upfront here.

Much more information about the Fund application process and eligibility, application guidelines, outlines of previously funded projects and Fund governance can be found in our first DNI Innovation Fund annual report and on our website, where you can also submit your application. We look forward to hearing from you!

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